Our look books are 
about  community.
Real people
with real style
who do interesting things.
We don't care 
what size you are
what color you are
what style you have.
Just have style
and something going on.
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And by the way
you get money, schwag
and a link on the site.

Art is a vehicle for knowledge.

It trancends time, language and race.

Color, form and symbol are linked in humanity's collective conscious.

THREE Erin Cadigan taps into this collective awareness,

striving to inform and connect.


Each graphic on our line is hand illustrated by designer, Erin Cadigan.

Each design is based on hours of research into the subject matter.

The drawings start as pencil sketches and then are inked using Micron pens.

Each image is burned on a screen and hand pulled by Erin using

waterbased inks.

Shirts are printed one color at a time utilizing traditional table top methods.

Not using a press is labor intensive and allows for variation on every shirt.

Combined with the waterbased inks and high quality eco-fabrics this

gives our shirts a very artisanal, vintage feel.


 For more information, to ask questions or to comment
please feel free to contact us:
THREE Erin Cadigan
190 Bedford Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11237